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Mineral Crusher

mineral crusher

SBM , as a manufacturer of quarry and mining crushing grinding equipments in China , supplies grinding mill machines and stone crushers machines for granite , feldspar, mica, calcite, dolomite, calcium carbonate, coal, cement mine, ore benefication in USA, India, Vietnam, Canada, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Portugal, Norway.

For Mineral crusher industrial conception, there are 3 types of main fields for mineral crusher's crushing processing - Metal Ore , Non-Metal Ore and Quarry Stones.

All crushers and grinding mills of those stone crushing processings are parts of SBM's Production Series.

Metal Ore Crusher

Metal Ore Quarry

Metal Ore Crusher are mining crushers used for the processing of metal ores such as bauxite, copper, gold ore, iron ore, lead ore, manganese, silver ore, zinc etc.

We supply not only simple metal ore crusher or metal ore grinding mill, but also metal ore crushing and grinding plant line designing. Service is all for you. From mineral analysis to metal ore crusher plant disign and installation and even the after sale maintenance period service, SBM is allways standing by every clients and coustomer.

Non Metal Ore Crusher

Non Metal Ore Quarry

Non Metal Ore Crushers are typically used for the mining processing of non metal ores such as alunite, aragonite, arsenic , asbestos, asphalt, ball clay, barytes, basalt, bentonite, coke, concrete, dolomite, feldspar, granite, gravel, gypsum, kaolin, limestone, marble, quartz, silica sand, etc.

Non metal ore crusher or grinding mill plant design is similar to metal ore crushing plant's only when special non metal ores are chosen . Don't worry about that because experts from SBM will give particularly accurate solution for your mining projects.

Quarry Crusher

Quarry Production

Quarry Crushers are mining equipment which is used in the quarrying plant site for the production of quarry and construction stones such as limestone, slate, granite, marble , etc.

Quarry Crushing Plant design is more concerned about the capacity of quarry machines , input size, output size of particle. When you are confused about it, SBM experts are ready for all your technical and sale inquiry.